Strata Florida for Kids: the Abbey School

A great place to explore . . .

...for kids

Here are some things about Strata Florida which you and your teachers may be able to do in the classroom and some things you can do at the old Abbey yourselves. Look at the two sorts of thing under the headings Things to do at Strata Florida and Things to do in the Classroom.

A note for grown-ups:

Strata Florida is a wonderful place for children to explore the history of a beautiful part of Wales. The ruins, the Cadw visitor centre, the two rivers that ran through its precinct, the ancient graveyard, the 12th-century woodlands, the heritage footpaths, the old roads on forestry tracks and the ancient farming landscape, all offer opportunities to experience the past in its native environment.

Soon after the Strata Florida Project began we talked to local primary schools about how children could interact with the site whether in the formal setting of the classroom or out in the open air at Strata Florida when the excavations were in progress. What we invented was the Abbey School, a set of activities designed for learning. This an echo of the past role of the monastery as a place of education for boys who would then go on to become monks, managers and administrators. We are providing here some of the first fruits of that work. These pages are divided into things which can be done on the classroom and things which can be done on site, some of them at any time of the year just on family visits.

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