The Abbey School

The Monk's Life

We have chosen to focus here on how monks lived their lives both on a daily basis and as lifetime's vocation. To this end we have produced two powerpoints:
1. The daily life of a monk;
2. The career of a monk told through the fictional Dafydd's story.

Next we have produced the materials for making a blank wall-chart of the monk's 24-hour day on an hour-by-hour-basis. Each of the sheets can be mounted side by side. Children can then be asked to stick onto this wall-chart in the correct hour blocks, the labels which show the various jobs and acts of worship that a monk had to do during the day. To help with this exercise we have also prepared a sheet which lists everything a monk had to do in the day in the correct time order.

Finally we have produced a sheet which children can fill in to show what they do in a school-day and compare it with a monk's.

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