Excavations in the Precincts 2004-15

A number of excavations were carried out within the boundaries of the Abbey Precincts during the first phase of the Research Project between 2004 and 2015. These were based on the findings from soil prospection, geophysics and survey as described in the section The Precinct Plan.

The purpose of the excavations was to help us with initial interpretations of specific features, and to provide us with information about the quality of archaeological survival for future conservation and future excavation objectives in later phases of the both the Research and Centre Projects.

There were 16 sites excavated within the Precincts. Only one, that of the Main or West Gatehouse between the Inner and Outer Precincts, was carried out extensively. The purpose here, in strategic terms, was to determine the depths of archaeological deposits, the quality of stratigraphic information and whether or not there were deposits which might pre-date those of the Abbey itself.

A brief description of the excavations findings can be found in an a Summary of work in Phase 1Summary paper.

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